Return to Manzanar

Since so many people asked…the drama from my previous post is somewhat resolved.  I was asked to mediate a meeting between the two parties on Tuesday night.  It was interesting.

Back to topic!

I have a writer’s block when it comes to my play right now.  I’m revamping it and doing some major rewrites and making changes (hopefully) for the better.  I’m adding characters and taking away characters.  I’ll most likely be having private readings with some of the original cast members just so I can hear what I wrote.  I feel like I need to also work on the transitions, and fill some holes.  So that’s that.

I’m planning a pilgrimage if you might call it.  To Manzanar.  It’s a bit of a drive from San Diego.  But I would like to see the camp and maybe get some inspiration.  I’ve made peace with the fact that I’ll always have an emotional connection and I’ve worked too hard in keeping the emotions separate from this project.

Here’s a little documentary about Manzanar and connecting it to Muslims and 9/11.  I like it because it shows the contrast between what the government told the public and what really happened to those who were forced to go into internment.  If you saw my staged reading of Japanese Eyes/American Heart, John and Takeo have a confrontation about the internment camps.

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