First Post From My Phone

Watch out, internet.  Alex has the powers to update her blog from her phone…

I’m waiting for a photo client right now and I was entertaining a curiosity.  However, I cannot locate a grammar or spell check so this may be grammatically atrocious. 

Okay, here’s a thought: Is being funny all that it’s “cracked” up to be?  (Oh man, I slay myself).  Okay, back to the subject.  Is it better to be serious all the time and taken seriously?  OR is it better to be a generally serio-funny person so that people acknowledge a change when things need to be serious?  Or do you save your funny side for close friends and loved ones only?

My fingers are already cramping from this entry.  So I’m done.  But this is something to think about so reply and leave a comment with your response.

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