Shakespearean Connections

As I’ve been working on my play and editing out The Tempest, as I mentioned before, there’s been a void.  I spoke to my mother last night about the void and she mentioned that when she read the play, she thought the connections to the text were astonishingly strong.  A few people agreed as well who were in attendance and one of my Theatre 100 students thought that my play helped them to understand the prose.  Interesting?  Maybe.  At first, I was relieved to go through and delete Will from my play and concentrate on my own works, but I’ve been finding myself going back and re-reading other plays that might inspire me.

Maybe it’s that time of the month, or maybe whenever I’ve been writing, I’ve been more emotionally vulnerable, but I tend to cry when I write.  Not a “boo hoo” sort of way, and I’m giving myself a hard time about being cocky for being “moved by my own words.”  I always called BS on people for that stuff and now I’m finding myself guilty of the same thing.  I don’t even realize I’m affected until the tears come down my cheek.  Is this a representation of pouring my soul into this play?  I hope not.  I want to tell a good story that will move and affect people.  I don’t want people to see this play and think, “Wow, this chick has some unresolved issues that she just threw up on the stage.”

My advisor and mentor, Dr. Peter Larlham inspired me to memorize one sonnet a month.  I’ve already got one under my belt.  I really want to start falling in love with Shakespeare again.  I sort of walked away from him for a few months, but now I’m reading to get back in.  I also want to expand my knowledge of British Literature and the history behind it all.  Am I missing academic life?  It sure sounds like it, doesn’t it?

I’m also thrilled to report that many of my original actors are on board for my informal workshop next month.  I’m also looking for new actors, particularly of Japanese descent, to come as well.  I’m excited about the new possibilities that await me, and hopefully, I can maintain my sanity for 6 more weeks of my job.

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