Reading Real Books

I have yet to purchase a Kindle or anything that would force me to read from a screen.  There is something about holding a book in your hand, touching the pages, holding the book at weird angles in the pursuit of comfort, the smell of old books…the list goes on.

I’m sure eventually I will succumb to the fast pace of technology and buy a Kindle.  A good example would be if I were traveling for a long period of time and I didn’t want to carry a million books in my bag.  That makes sense and is logical.  But with the recent closure of Borders, I’ve been thinking, is this the downfall of books as we know it?  I certainly hope not.  Only because technology will fail us eventually and we won’t have a resource for some of the world’s greatest literature.  Plus, Kindle prices are that much different from buying the tangible book so…I don’t know…buy the actual book?

I’m a traditionalist I suppose.  I don’t want to cross over into the Kindle world yet.  I want to hang on to my paperback and hardcover books, curl up with a cup of tea, wrapped in blankets and read the night away.

3 thoughts on “Reading Real Books”

  1. I agree one hundred percent! I do not own a Kindle, either. I love the feel and smell of a paperback, and can think of no better way to spend a rainy day, than to sit in front of a fire, or propped up in bed, with a good book!


  2. I agree with you on this. I do not own a kindle. I have friends and family that have one and I tried it, but it just is not the same. I love curling up in a chair on a rainy day and hold a book in my hand. I’m building two window seats in my house just for this.


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