The Idea of the “Working” Artist

I have been very blessed in the fact that I am making income from my passion.  However, there was a time where I did have to work a job that I didn’t very much care for, but it supported my passion so that I could do what I love to do.  I’m extremely lucky right now.  My job doesn’t feel like a job.  But will it last forever?  Of course not.

I am not one to turn down an opportunity if it comes my way, especially if it’s a project that I’m passionate about.  I know that there will be times where I will make no money from theatre and I’ll have to live like a starving artist.

And there will be times where I will have no opportunities in the theatre.  So what does the artist do about it?  Sit at home and wait for the next job?  I say nay to that.  If I’m not working on something, I’ll create my own.  I’ll write a play, look into producing something, sing at an open mic night, etc.  I always want to be working on something and tapping into my creative side.

What I’m saying to my fellow artists is, if you find yourself not getting work…create your own.  It will be a rewarding experience.  🙂

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