Where Do Ideas Come From?

Here we are almost half way done with August.  How is it that summer is almost over?  I haven’t posted in quite some time mainly due to the fact that I’ve gotten extremely busy in the last few months unexpectedly.  Busy is good.  Very good.

I’ve been pondering the idea of…well, ideas.  I’ve been thinking about the origin of ideas lately and wondering where the most brilliant ones come from.  I tend to find inspiration from brainstorming with my friends and colleagues.  I also find inspiration in nature and people watching.  People watching truly is fascinating if you want to learn about mankind.  There are so many different people, and each individual human being has their own expanded story waiting to be told.  There are so many dynamics and different levels of energy out there in the world.

I was also talking to a few other people and we discussed how drugs may have had a lot to do with some of the more brilliant ideas.  Can we only achieve genius with outside influences?  Do they unlock a part of our brain that is untapped when we’re sober?

This is a short blog, but I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions as to where ideas come from.

Have an opinon about this post? Share it with me.

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