Goodreads LOVES “The Haunting of the Tenth Avenue Theater”!

Time to brag! My eyes are stinging from welling up with tears…

“The Haunting of the Tenth Avenue Theater” has already got some AMAZING reviews on Goodreads! Click here to read:

“I am a big fan of ghost stories in many different varieties. Not only do I enjoy books, but I am also a fan of the different shows on television. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I loved the way Matsuo walked you through her early experiences and into the story of the theater. Reading this book was like talking to a good friend. I felt as if I was beside her during her investigations and experiences. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes paranormal books.” – Lori Shafer

“I love a good ghost story. This one was amazing. I hope to someday be able to visit this location and see for myself.” – Jennie Schell

“This book was a fascinating look into an old building in Sand Diego, originally built in 1869 as a huge church . Over the years ,it has been divided and used for other groups and businesses .
The author seems to have had paranormal type experiences happen to her, even as a small child. I’d like o ear more of her stories of those years in another book !
Anyhow, she is a theatre major ,so is big into that world, and got involved with the Tenth Avenue Arts Center , in which she was taking part in the plays . She began seeing small things out of the corner of her eye, then hearing small noises, etc . She found a small group of others interested in forming a research group, and they went into the building on several ghost hunting adventures .They had quite a bit of interesting activity happen to them during these investigations.
They have heard rumors about who supposedly haunts the building( 3 main ghosts ), but had a difficult time linking any solid historical research with the building. That’s not to say the ghosts aren’t there, I guess it’s sometimes hard to find exact material that would match up date-wise to the rumors.
This was a very interesting book for people interested in ghost hunting and paranormal stories . There are also several photos taken of the outside and inside of the building .” – Julie


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