I Broke My Writing Record – How I Wrote 15,000 Words in a Day

I’ve been quiet for a while, mainly due to the fact that I’m working and writing a lot! As most of you know, I wrote a book about how to increase your writing speed and amount called, 10,000 Words. Well, last weekend I broke my own record and wrote 15,000 words. No, there won’t be a sequel to the original book. But it’s good to know that I can do it.

However, the question is, “Do I want to do that again?”

The answer is no! I worked for a total of 19 hours from 7am-2am. It wasn’t the greatest day ever, but I had procrastinated my work to a point where I had to get this done. I was able to keep my energy and focus up thanks to caffeine, having a good program on television for background noise, and lots of support from my boyfriend. I know if I have to do this again, I certainly can.

I take trips as my writing reward. Here's me at the Battle of Yorktown!
I take trips as my writing reward. Here’s me at the Battle of Yorktown!

Was I creating the most innovative content on the Internet? Nope. I was word vomiting and just getting it all out for the sake of getting it out. I edited my work after a good night’s sleep, a healthy meal, and a day to mentally recover so I could look at my content with rejuvenated eyes. My content of 15,000 words was far from ready to be turned in at the natural state it was in. So, be sure to edit as much as you can after you’ve gotten some rest! Also, if you do take a day to write, no matter what number ends up on the page, be sure to reward yourself!

That’s all for now. I’m going to be popping in more often, so get ready! 🙂