The Most Memorable Paranormal Stories of 2019

2019 has proven to be a year of interesting stories. There have been countless news articles and segments about alleged hauntings that caught the world’s attention. But how many of these were legit and how many could be debunked? Let’s take a look back at the past year and see what’s in store.

1. Supermarket Ghost

This story broke in March 2019 and occurred in Wilmington, Massachusettes at a chain grocery store known as Market Basket. A woman by the name of Christiana Bush, who is an employee at the store, witnessed the ghost of an older woman who was dressed in a Victorian nightgown and haircap. Of all departments within the store, Bush saw the specter in the frozen food section. According to Bush, she looked down for a moment, and when she looked up, the older woman was gone. She searched the aisles to find the woman, but to no avail. Bush posted about the experience in her local Facebook group, where the story went viral. It created such a stir that the Market Basket corporation made a statement proclaiming that their stores were ghost free. Perhaps the paranormal was bad for business?

2. Area 51 Raid & Navy UFO Confirmation

Remember the Area 51 raid? Or Storm Area 51? It went viral based off a joke on Facebook and became an identity of its own. But as soon as the story boomed in popularity, it disappeared from the news. Yet, the raid did happen, and apparently a few arrests were made. It was just on a much smaller scale.

We’ll keep this going with some of the biggest news in the UFO world. Back in 2017, the New York Times broke a story of two videos that went public of some weird phenomenon that Navy pilots experienced. One of the videos showed a spherical object that was moving against the wind. Another video emerged in March 2018, making everyone question what was going on, and wondering whether the government was going to call a spade a spade. Well, in 2019, the Navy admitted that the objects captured on video was known as “Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon.” They didn’t want to use the term UFO or “Unidentified Flying Object.”

3. Ghost Baby in Crib


I love this story, and you’re going to find out why in a moment. In case you’re wondering, there is only one baby in the photo. Well, one living baby. I’ll be the first to admit that this photo freaked me out a bit. It just looks creepy. I hypothesize that this is very well a case of pareidolia.

This incident took place in October 2019, just in time for Halloween. A Chicago mother named Maritza Cibuls was home alone with her kids late one night. When she checked the baby monitor of her 18-month old, she was shocked to see a second baby in the crib with her son. She kept checking on her son during the night, faithfully watching the monior. The anamolous baby didn’t move at all. She shared the photo with her husband as well as a Facebook group for moms she was a part of. People tried to make sense of the photo, saying it may have been drool, or some sort of stain that only the monitor picked up.

However, when she changed the sheets in her baby’s crib, she saw what happened. When her husband changed the sheets previously, he didn’t put the matress cover on. This resulted in a sticker of a baby’s face showing through the sheet.

4. Paramount Theatre Concert Hall

I chose this story because it had a few of my favorite things in it; theatre and the Lore podcast. This photo was taken in September 2019 by Chad Lawson at the Paramount Theatre in Austin, Texas. Lawson had just completed a sound check before a live episode of “Lore.” If you’re not familiar with “Lore”, it’s an amazing podcast about the creepier history of our existence along with ghost stories, creatures, aliens, and more. Lawson took a photo of his piano after the sound check, and it didn’t take long before his followers on Instagram noticed someone in the mezzanine. Startled, Lawson did some research and found that the Paramount Theatre was indeed haunted.

5. Haunted Furniture

This is a story that isn’t too far away from where I live. In Salisbury, North Carolina, and the ReStore for Habitat for Humanity of Rowan County, there was a dresser and a four-post headboard and bed frame for sale. However, with the price, it seemed that it came with ghosts as accessories. ReStore reported that the previous owner claimed that the furniture was haunted and that it brought about nightmares for the previous owner and his wife. Also, the couple’s dog wouldn’t stop barking at the furniture. ReStore claimed that it was transparent about the haunting because they were a Christian ministry and didn’t want to be held responsible if something happen. Two men came in and paid $1,000 for the furniture.

6. Michigan Nanny Cam

This is another story that broke in March 2019 and occurred in Highland, Michigan. The situation involved Heather Brough, Joshua Higgens, and their baby daughter Lily. The small family lives in a guest house that’s owned by Higgins’ mother, but according to them, their not alone. They believe they have a ghost in their home after they’re daughter woke up from a nap with scratches on her face. After the incident, Heather and Joshua started looking at the nanny cam and were disturbed to see a transparent figure walk by the front of Lily’s crib. Heather also claims that the ghost tried to choke her as she was waking up. However, she told a different version of this story to different outlets. I have my reservations about this case, and Kenny Biddle does a great job of breaking this down.

7. Bertha’s Mussels

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, Bertha’s Mussels can be founds in the Fells Point neighborhood. It is a truly a staple for the locals. It is also known for being notoriously haunted. In fact, locals claim that there are so many ghosts that experiences happen one after another. Co-owner Laura Norris claims that she’s had to talk to the ghost and ask for safe passage in order to leave. Melissa Rowell gives ghost tours of the restaurant, and guests often have photos and videos to share with her of the ghosts at Bertha’s Mussels.

8. Wendell

Lori Stokes and her grandson, Matthew, pose outside their Applewhite Road home near Wendell Tuesday. The home will be featured on an episode of “Ghost Brothers: Haunted Houseguests” airing Friday on the Travel Channel. Shawn Taylor | The Wake Weekly

I’ll admit that I chose this story because it’s about an hour away from where I live. In Wendell, North Carolina, Lori Stokes has been dealing with a malevolent presence in her home that attacks not only her, but her 6-year old grandson. Stokes claimed that guests were getting scratched, her grandson got flung from his bike, things were being thrown, and Stokes’ says that she saw a man during the night and her one of her feet was grabbed and shaken while in bed. Stokes had a psychic medium come to the house, and the medium claimed that the haunting was demonic in nature. The TV show, “Ghost Brothers”, came and spent six days in the house. They validated Stokes’ experiences and brought in a medium to help dispel the evil spirits in her home. It seems that the activity in her home has since disappaited.

9. Daisy Marquez

With the wide reach of the internet, it can sometimes be hard to share paranormal experiences and be believed. For Daisy Marquez, she soon faced scrutiny and accusations of hoaxing after she shared that she had been dealing with paranormal activity. She shared a sponsorship video she was working on and claimed that her door opened by itself. Daisy also claimed that she had been pushed down the stairs by an unseen force, and her camera kept cutting off when she was trying to talk about her experiences. She also heard taps on the wall as well as voices.

10. Cobden’s Hotel

This is another story where it’s up to you to make the decision as to whether this is a legit paranormal occurrence or not. Located in Capel Curig, Wales next to Snowdonia National Park. In 1890, a famous cricket player known as Frank Cobden bought the hotel. Today, it is believed that his daughter, Evelyn, haunts the hotel. It became a staple for mountain climbers and hikers during its time. From 1970-1976, Lawrence Pett’s family own the hotel, which has been known to be home for numerous ghosts. Each year during the holidays, the “Christmas ghost” turns off the lights. Pett’s father refurbished the hotel after purchase and also built the bar next door to the hotel. While the hotel has been long closed, Pett and his wife visited and were shocked to see that the bar hadn’t changed since the seventies. When Pett took a photo through the window, he noticed two figures with caps behind the white light anamoly. He believes they are just a few of the countless ghosts haunting the Cobden.

That’s it for 2019! I hope 2020 is the start of a wonderful new chapter in your life. Happy New Year!

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