Forgiving Myself: A New Book…Four Years Later

Did you know it's been four years since my last book? That's a long time. I'll try to go into details as to why without the intention of giving excuses. The reason why I wanted to write this blog is that authors will so often beat themselves up over not producing content. Then months turn… Continue reading Forgiving Myself: A New Book…Four Years Later

San Diego & Raleigh: My Home(s) Sweet Home(s)

I'm currently in San Diego, CA right now to give "The Haunting of the Tenth Avenue Theater" a proper launch! Tonight at 7:30pm, I'll be doing a signing at Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore and tomorrow night there will be a launch party at the site where the book takes place. You can still join the party and… Continue reading San Diego & Raleigh: My Home(s) Sweet Home(s)

Where Do Ideas Come From?

Here we are almost half way done with August.  How is it that summer is almost over?  I haven't posted in quite some time mainly due to the fact that I've gotten extremely busy in the last few months unexpectedly.  Busy is good.  Very good. I've been pondering the idea of...well, ideas.  I've been thinking… Continue reading Where Do Ideas Come From?

Reading Real Books

I have yet to purchase a Kindle or anything that would force me to read from a screen.  There is something about holding a book in your hand, touching the pages, holding the book at weird angles in the pursuit of comfort, the smell of old books...the list goes on. I'm sure eventually I will… Continue reading Reading Real Books