Alex Matsuo 2019
Credit: Katlyn Wright Photography

Alex Matsuo is an actor, singer, dramaturg, director, photographer, playwright and paranormal investigator/researcher.  She earned her Master of Arts in Theatre Arts from San Diego State University in May 2011.  She was most recently seen on Travel Channel’s “Most Terrifying Places in America.” If you asked her what she focused on, well, the spectrum is broad.  In January 2014, Alex published her first book, The Haunted Actor, and hasn’t stopped writing since. In December of 2014, she released a self-help writing book called, 10,000 Words: How to Increase Your Writing Speed, Build Your Confidence, and Find Your Voice. In May of 2015, she published More than Ghosts: A Guide to Working Residential Cases in the Paranormal Field as a guidebook for paranormal teams who work residential cases, with the introduction written by Bill Wilkens of Paranormal Societies.

October 2015 marked Alex’s first published book with Llewellyn Worldwide with The Haunting of the Tenth Avenue Theater, now available at your local bookstore and online.

She has written a full length memory play called, Japanese Eyes, American Heart, loosely based on her grandfather’s story as a Japanese man during World War II.  Memory, folklore, and theatre are her obsessions at the moment.  Alex received her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre (Performance Emphasis) from San Diego State University in May 2009.  She currently works as an author, educator, podcaster, script writer and content creator for TheRichest and TheTalko, and a freelance photographer.

Instead of sitting in her room ranting to herself or on Facebook, she has decided to keep a blog.  Alex is keeping this site to keep people up to date regarding shows, art, creative works and personal projects.  She hopes that it will be filled with remarkable musings and profound explanations for the universe, but sometimes you might run into pictures of food or her cats.

DISCLAIMER Please don’t steal any of Alex Matsuo’s writing, photography, photos, etc.  According to Google (and WordPress), everything she writes is copyrighted to her.  If you’d like to quote her, please cite her, and give a link to this site as your source and drop an email and say hi.  Alex takes pride in the fact that she reads and replies to every email.

Lastly, it’s not cool to take someone’s work and claim it as your own.  She works very hard at her lazy writings.  So pretty much, if you don’t like her writings, feel free to troll but on the condition that you keep it civil, use good grammar, and be exceptionally witty. If you do like what she writes, feel free to show some love and she’ll show some love back. ❤