Forgiving Myself: A New Book…Four Years Later

Did you know it's been four years since my last book? That's a long time. I'll try to go into details as to why without the intention of giving excuses. The reason why I wanted to write this blog is that authors will so often beat themselves up over not producing content. Then months turn… Continue reading Forgiving Myself: A New Book…Four Years Later

My Opinion on Beauty Pageants as a Plus Size Woman

This may come across as a surprise, but I love watching beauty pageants. From Miss USA to cheering on my friends in the local pageant scene, I'll support my friends and the incredible women that grace the stage. Organizations like Miss USA and Miss America have come a long way since they started. But they… Continue reading My Opinion on Beauty Pageants as a Plus Size Woman

How I Fell in Love with My City (Finally)

From 1986 until 2013 - My home was San Diego, California. Moving to Raleigh, NC in 2013 was one of the biggest changes of my life. I won't lie, the transition was really hard. I longed to return to San Diego any chance I had. In short, I didn't see Raleigh as "home." I considered… Continue reading How I Fell in Love with My City (Finally)

Facebook Has a Harassment Problem

When did the social media giant become the enabler of harassment? I've been on Facebook for over a decade now. I've seen watched it evolve from "The Facebook" in college to what it is today. I remember freshman year of college when my friend told me how I needed to join this awesome website. I… Continue reading Facebook Has a Harassment Problem

“You Should Be Grateful for the Attention”

Trigger Warning: Rape, sexual assault Bill Maher is in the headlines for more insensitive comments, this time against overweight people. His idea of how "fat shaming needs to make a comeback" as a way to combat the growing obesity epidemic isn't a solution. It's perpetuating an ongoing issue that fat people need and deserve to… Continue reading “You Should Be Grateful for the Attention”

Why This Fat Chick Is Wearing a Two-Piece Swimsuit

From the time I was little, I was always aware that I was overweight. Well, that’s what it was called when I was younger. Today, I look back at photos from the time and thought, “I really wasn’t fat.” As my body grew and changed, I knew I had to cover up my thighs, my… Continue reading Why This Fat Chick Is Wearing a Two-Piece Swimsuit

My Favorite Keto and Low Carb Recipes

If you've been following my Facebook or Instagram, you're probably aware that I've become more serious about a low-carb lifestyle. I suppose you could call it "lazy keto" since I'm only counting carbs and not worried about the macros (yet). I'm not doing this because I want to lose weight. Nothing else was lowering my… Continue reading My Favorite Keto and Low Carb Recipes