This is Anxiety

Before proceeding further...there is triggering content in this blog post. I feel like it's time to show you all a photo that sums up my anxiety. This was not an easy decision, as I'm being remarkably vulnerable. But so often I hear stories of people who suffer from anxiety and get told it's not a… Continue reading This is Anxiety

Why Stuart Scott’s Death Matters to Me

I can't promise that my words will be coherent or make sense right now. If my thoughts seem jumbled, I apologize. Ever since I found out I was ill, I looked up celebrities who dealt with or were currently dealing with cancer. I wanted to see how they dealt with the bad days, how they… Continue reading Why Stuart Scott’s Death Matters to Me

The Mentality of Being Sick

In March of 2014, I had noticed something about my body that was acting weird. For the purposes of keeping this rather toned down as to what my condition is, I've named this ailment, "Gladys." I went to the doctor since not only did I not get my normal cycle for four months, and I… Continue reading The Mentality of Being Sick


Well, first of all: Shame on me. It's been 5 months since I've updated this blog. But I'm happy that it's still getting a ton of traffic for my Shakespeare posts (now I know what the audience really wants). Anyway, now to catch you all up to my life as I know it thus far.… Continue reading Responsibility

Nothing Else Matters Because I’m Fat

Being a fat person has exposed me to the widest variety of insults and jokes.  Whether they’re said to my face or behind my back, whenever someone really wants to insult or get to someone, they comment on their weight.  Being fat has become the ultimate haven of experiencing below-the-belt insults. It also seems that… Continue reading Nothing Else Matters Because I’m Fat

Why I Buzzed Part of My Head

A few weeks ago, I did something very daring.  I buzzed about a quarter of my head.  I did this a few weeks ago and I'm finally getting around to posting about it.  The day I got it done, I was being a bit of a tease by saying, "Shaving my head!" Of course, after… Continue reading Why I Buzzed Part of My Head

Clearly Beauty & Class Are Exterior…

I was having a pretty good morning today.  I got to sleep in for the first time in a while and I was looking forward to my relaxing morning before trekking on my day's journey.  Then I logged onto Facebook and saw a blog posted by someone I very much respect.  The title of this… Continue reading Clearly Beauty & Class Are Exterior…