Slender Man Movie Review: False Advertising & Wasted Potential

The newest "Slender Man" (2018) movie was released last night. I don't normally write reviews unless I feel inspired to do so. Sometimes this is a good thing. In this case, it wasn't. I have been fascinated by the Slenderman (Slender Man?) phenomenon for quite a while. I'm not even talking about the subsequent crimes… Continue reading Slender Man Movie Review: False Advertising & Wasted Potential

My Review of “Annabelle”

On Wednesday night, I had the chance to see a special preview of Annabelle before it opened this weekend. I sat on the idea of whether to write a review of the movie or not, and while it's Sunday, I decided to just do it. It's going to be short, especially since there are numerous… Continue reading My Review of “Annabelle”