Facebook Has a Harassment Problem

When did the social media giant become the enabler of harassment? I've been on Facebook for over a decade now. I've seen watched it evolve from "The Facebook" in college to what it is today. I remember freshman year of college when my friend told me how I needed to join this awesome website. I… Continue reading Facebook Has a Harassment Problem

“You Should Be Grateful for the Attention”

Trigger Warning: Rape, sexual assault Bill Maher is in the headlines for more insensitive comments, this time against overweight people. His idea of how "fat shaming needs to make a comeback" as a way to combat the growing obesity epidemic isn't a solution. It's perpetuating an ongoing issue that fat people need and deserve to… Continue reading “You Should Be Grateful for the Attention”

Making Friends As An Adult

So...since moving to Raleigh, I've learned something huge.  Making friends as an adult isn't quite as easy as one might think.  In San Diego, I had friends from church, high school, college, work, and doing shows.  I am a pretty social person, so the culture shock of moving to Raleigh and being stripped of a… Continue reading Making Friends As An Adult


This has been a thought that has been on my mind for the last two weeks.  I was in a meeting with some people discussing an upcoming production, just to watch.  I was a guest in the room so I was keeping to myself and observing the people around me.  That was when I saw… Continue reading Awareness