Facebook Has a Harassment Problem

When did the social media giant become the enabler of harassment? I've been on Facebook for over a decade now. I've seen watched it evolve from "The Facebook" in college to what it is today. I remember freshman year of college when my friend told me how I needed to join this awesome website. I… Continue reading Facebook Has a Harassment Problem

Be the Phoenix

It's hard sometimes to swallow words when someone praises a person who hurt you so much. Of course, that someone doesn't know the back story so it's not on them.   This person took away my self-confidence and safe space. Since that person did what they did to me, I'm always looking over my shoulder,… Continue reading Be the Phoenix

Instilling Fear Unto Others: My Way or No Way

An opening song to warm you up for this posting. This isn't about having to choose between two men (damn).  It's about picking sides, or feeling like you have to pick sides.  I'm going to put my life drama in the spotlight...theatre.  Ah, theatre.  My first love, my companion, so many different layers of enjoyment… Continue reading Instilling Fear Unto Others: My Way or No Way