I started a new residency this week at a new school.  To sum up the gist of my job, I basically show Kindergarten-5th grade teachers how to integrate the arts into their curriculums.  There's a lot more to it, but for sake of not boring anyone, I'll leave it at that.  I love my job,… Continue reading Superhero

How Do You Want to Represent the Paranormal Field?

Let me make this very clear: I am not writing this as the director of the Association of Paranormal Study. I am writing this as a member of the paranormal community, and I claim responsibility for my statements.  If you disagree with anything, do not take it out on APS.  You all can comment on… Continue reading How Do You Want to Represent the Paranormal Field?

My Legacy

I've been thinking a lot about what makes me...well, me. I've been thinking about how people's perceptions of me differ from person to person.  I've always been one to confront directly as much as I can.  More often than not, whenever I do that, the other person doesn't communicate and then the birdies chirp in… Continue reading My Legacy

Instilling Fear Unto Others: My Way or No Way

An opening song to warm you up for this posting. This isn't about having to choose between two men (damn).  It's about picking sides, or feeling like you have to pick sides.  I'm going to put my life drama in the  Ah, theatre.  My first love, my companion, so many different layers of enjoyment… Continue reading Instilling Fear Unto Others: My Way or No Way