Actor, Playwright, Director, Researcher…Superhero

Well, not really.  I just seem to have a lot of my plate but for no reason.  It is self-inflicted. You know you're a nerd when you go to the library and you have to refill the meter twice and pray that you don't get a ticket for going over the 1-hour parking limit.  I… Continue reading Actor, Playwright, Director, Researcher…Superhero

Instilling Fear Unto Others: My Way or No Way

An opening song to warm you up for this posting. This isn't about having to choose between two men (damn).  It's about picking sides, or feeling like you have to pick sides.  I'm going to put my life drama in the  Ah, theatre.  My first love, my companion, so many different layers of enjoyment… Continue reading Instilling Fear Unto Others: My Way or No Way