The Kallikantzaros: Creepy Christmas Monsters that Punish Sinners! Not a fan of reading? Click on the video! In the trend of shining the spotlight on the creepy side of the holidays, let's talk about the Kallikantzaros...or the Kallikantzaroi (plural). What is interesting about this legend is that it also has a connection with the dates December 25th-January 6th. If you read my… Continue reading The Kallikantzaros: Creepy Christmas Monsters that Punish Sinners!

This Icelandic Legend Makes Christmas a Little Scarier Don't like to read? Then check out the video! When we think of the holidays, we think of cheerfulness, merriment, and nothing scary. Well, if you find Santa Claus scary, then I don’t know what to tell you. But not everyone thinks of the holidays as a positive time of year. Many see it… Continue reading This Icelandic Legend Makes Christmas a Little Scarier

Do You Like Krampus? Meet Frau Perchta the Christmas Witch Don't like to read? Check out this video instead! I'm a diehard fan of Krampus. I've always thought that "Elf on the Shelf" was way too soft for kids. Why make them think a creepy looking doll is spying on them when you can use a terrifying half-goat/half-demon creature to scare them into behaving?… Continue reading Do You Like Krampus? Meet Frau Perchta the Christmas Witch

The Performance of Ghost Hunting, Part I

This is a two-part post about my studies into the relationship between performance and the act of ghost hunting. A performance is typically defined as an event where there is someone who is presenting something, and there are a group of people observing. This definition of performance is not limited to only theatres or television… Continue reading The Performance of Ghost Hunting, Part I

Calphurnia and Portia: Rome’s Unwanted Women

Okay, back to business.  No more paranormal for a while and back to research! Julius Caesar is a play that is suspended between the realms of history and tragedy.  The play is male-dominated, with only two women roles: Calphurnia, Caesar’s wife, and Portia, Brutus’ wife.  The lack of female presence is noticed in comparison to… Continue reading Calphurnia and Portia: Rome’s Unwanted Women

Yotsuya Kaidan and Japanese Ghosts

I will start off by saying that the Japanese really know how to tell a good ghost story.  Merely listening to a Japanese ghost story sends shivers down my spine and makes the hair on the back of my neck raise on end.  Being a quarter Japanese, I've had a fascination with this part of… Continue reading Yotsuya Kaidan and Japanese Ghosts